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Brand NamePrecose
Generic NameAcarbose
ManufacturerBayer health care AG
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  • GLUCOBAY 50 MG: tablet is used for people to lower the blood and sugar levels over a period of time. It is highly recommended for people to consume the medication as per doctor' s advice in order to enjoy better performance from time to time.

    Composition : The important component of glucobay 25 MG tablet is acarbose, which plays a vital role for people to lower the blood sugar levels easily. The acarbose is highly used in order to keep the sugar levels in control regularly.

    How does it work :The medication works by slowing down the chemical, which is responsible to release sugar from the food regularly. The medication is taken three times a day and it is important for people to contact a doctor in order to follow an effective diet plan from time to time.

    Side effects : Abdominal pain is one of the common side-effects faced by most of the people in the initial stages because it takes time to adjust the diet and the body capability on a regular basis. Vomiting is a result of improper and incorrect diet and medication consumption and it is important for people to contact the right physician in order to treat the problem from time to time.

    Precautions and Warning :Not safe with alcohol Alcohol is known to have filled with sugar contents. It is not advised to consume alcohol while taking the medication because it could cause adverse effects on the sugar levels in a quick span of time.