Erectalis 20mg

Erectalis 20mg

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Brand NameTadalafil
Generic NameTadalafil
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  • ERECTALIS 20MG : The problem of male impotency and erectile dysfunction has became quite common due to stressful lifestyle and improper nutrition.But with medical science it is possible to cure the problem with medicines and Erectalis 20 MG one among those effective medicines that can cure ED problem in males.It improves sexual stamina, cure impotency and erectile dysfunction.

    Composition and Ingredients: The prime constituent of Erectalis is Tadlafil.It is a phosphodiesterase  (PDE - 5) inhibitor.

    How to use it :The medicine is available in the form of pill and it is taken orally with can be taken with or  without food.It is advised to start this medication only after doctor's prescription.

    How it work : The medicine improves blood flow in penil region and relaxes the muscle.One dose of the tablet remains effective for 36 to 48hours.

    Side Effects: Here are some symptoms that one can experience after taking the medicine Headache, Nausea, throat inflammation, Flushing, Dyspepsia, pain in the body 

    Precaution: Erectalis is safe medicines, but patients are advised to discuss the health condition especially current  medication with the doctor before starting the treatment.People suffering from liver related problem heart trouble and blood pressure may experience complications.Avoid heavy use of alcohol while consuming the medicine. Seek doctor's consultation if you experience any health related problem after taking the medicine.