Clokeran - 2mg

Clokeran - 2mg

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Brand NameLeukeran
Generic NameChlorambucil
ManufacturerNatco Pharma
Presentation30 Tablet
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  • Clokeran 2 Tablet works in the treatment of types of blood cancers and lymphatic system. It is also being used in other types of cancers as determined by the expert doctors . it can be used combinedly with other cancer medicines.

    This tablet  should be consumed empty stomach, or 60 minutes before and 2 hours after food. Make a fixed time to take your medicine to get the best of its results. take your medicine exactly on the same quantity as directed by your doctor. Don't try to increase or decrease the doses because this may give you serious side effects. It may take weeks or months to get the benefits of this medicine and don't stop the treatment unless your doctor advises. 

    Let your doctor know about your medical history especially if you have had issues such as  bleeding disorders, heart or liver disease, radiation treatment or any infection. This medicine can be affected with other medicine or can affect them. If you're taking treatment of this medicine it is important to get your blood, heart and kidney test regularly because this medicine reduces blood cells and that increases the risk of infection in your body. male or female both should avoid pregnancy during this treatment. Clokeran 2 Tablet should not be taken if your pregnant or breastfeeding because study says this medicine is very toxic for babies.

    Clokeran 2 Tablet works in the treatment of types of blood cancers Hodgkin’s disease

    How to Use

    Take this treatment exactly as suggested by your doctor. Don't chew,crush or break this medicine, take it as it is. Take this drug on an empty stomach. If any dose is missed by you, take it as soon as possible and if it's already missed and time for your next dose then skip it and follow the regular routine. Do not take a double dose.

    How it works 

    It is an anti cancer medicine and it works to destroy RNA and DNA of  cancer cells in the body. This medicine stops cancer cell growth and its multiplication 

    Side effects

    Most Side effects do not need any medical help; it goes away gradually on their own . If any of the symptom last long than consult your doctor urgently There are few common side effects of this medicine that can be seen in patients that include anemia, decreased blood cells, Low platelets counts, decreased white blood cell count, infection, nausea and vomiting. If these symptoms last long  quickly inform your doctor.