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Is it safe to purchase HCG injections online?

Is it safe to purchase HCG injections online?

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a sex hormone.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a sex hormone. This hormone is very useful for women and men suffering from infertility issues. HCG hormone is produced naturally in the human body. But for some people, this hormone is not produced in enough amounts or as much as it is required for the body. In such cases, this hormone has to be induced into the body externally. HCG injections are used for injecting this hormone into the body. 


For men and women with conceiving issues, this HCG injection can be very helpful. It is one of the highly recommended and safe injections. Usually, the levels of HCG in the human body can be detected with the help of tests. That is the reason, the HCG level test is also conducted for those couples, who are unable to conceive. If the levels are low, then your doctor will suggest the right medication accordingly. 


HCG injections for women:


During the early stage of pregnancy, HCG hormone is secreted by Trophoblasts. Trophoblasts are special cells in the body. A woman can get pregnant when the egg is matured and released and ovulation is done. But when the HCG levels are low, the ovulation process does not happen. So, HCG hormone is infused into the female body with the help of HCG injections. Once this injection is given, the HCG levels become stable and progesterone levels will become normal. These hormonal levels need to be maintained for a successful pregnancy. The ovulation process becomes normal in women after taking this medicine. 


It is also used for women with PCOD problems. Due to PCOD, many women are unable to get pregnant. Hence, this injection will help in resolving the problem. 


HCG Injections for men:


The same HCG injection is given to men as well. When a couple is having a problem conceiving, then the problem in lay in any of them. So, tests are conducted on both, and then based on the results, the medication is suggested. If the problem is found in men, then an HCG injection is given to the male. The sperm count and quality will increase once this medication is given. 


How is this medicine injected?


It is injected either into the thigh area or buttocks, under the skin. Your doctor will suggest the right place and will do it. The medicine should always be injected by the doctor or nurse only. Self-injecting the medicine can be very harmful. 


When to take the HCG injection will also be decided by the doctor only. Once the female ovary has a matured egg follicle, this medicine is given. It is your doctor who decided the exact time or the best time frame for the injection of this hormone into the body. If you wish to make any sort of changes to this time frame, you need to discuss the same with your doctor in advance. 


After injecting the medicine and you have sexual intercourse, the process of ovulation will start after 36 hours. That means you need to be very careful during these 36 hours of injecting the HCG hormone. Even if an egg retrieval has to be done for an IVF procedure, that is also going to happen somewhere close to the 36 hours duration. 


This medicine HCG injection is also known as a Trigger shot. That is because it will trigger the release of matured eggs in the ovary for ovulation. 


Does HCG medicine work?


Yes, HCG injections are proven to give positive results in many cases. But you will have to get proper tests done to make sure whether your fertility problem is due to HCG hormone or other issues. If it is due to the HCG hormone, then you can see good results. Also, for women with delayed or irregular periods and PCOD, this medication can work only as a substitute. Your doctor will suggest you other medications as well. 


Your doctor will start with a lower dose and then increase as per the requirement. But it has shown positive results in many women with a low dose as well. It is very safe to use and in use for a very long time. 


Usually, pregnancy is confirmed with urine and blood tests. HCG can be found in urine and blood for at least two weeks after injecting it. So, always get a pregnancy test done at least after two weeks from injecting it. That way, you can avoid any false positive results and get the good news you were waiting for. Due to this mistake, many get false positives and assume that medicine does not work. 


Is it safe to purchase HCG injections online?


When it comes to buying HCG injections online, it is very safe. Nowadays, almost all medicines are easily available at online drug stores. The only thing that you need to concentrate on is picking the right online drug store. As there are several drug stores available online, you should be able to differentiate between high-quality and low-quality. So, always pick the right online drug store that sells only FDA-approved medicines. 


To purchase HCG injections online, you will need a valid prescription from the doctor. Yes, you cannot buy medicine without a valid prescription. 


Purchasing HCG injections online is safe, but does not mean that you can administer them by yourself. You will also need a doctor or an expert for injecting the medicine. If you are trying to do it by yourself, you will experience a lot of side effects. More than the benefits, you will have to face the side effects. HCG injection is a treatment process for sensitive conditions in couples. When not treated in the right manner, you can face a lot of side effects. 


So, you can buy HCG injections online after checking all the details and reviews of the online drug store. Always pick the right place to buy your medicine. At online stores, you will be able to buy the medicine at a much cheaper price as well. 



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