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How Vigamox Eye Drops Can Help Treat Eye Infections?

How Vigamox Eye Drops Can Help Treat Eye Infections?

Vigamox eye drop is an antibiotic drug. It treats external bacterial eye infections.

Vigamox eye drop contains Moxifloxacin. It works and stops bacterial growth. You need to complete the course mentioned by your doctor and not stop using it on your own. Its ophthalmic solution is only for external use. 

Use it in the dosage and duration as your doctor advised. Hold its dropper close to your eye and do not touch it. Then gently squeeze the dropper and place the drug inside your lower eyelid. After that, wipe off any extra liquid. Do not skip any dosage and finish the entire treatment course, even if you feel great. 

Can it treat eye infections?

It is used to treat bacterial conjunctivitis or pink eye infection of the membrane covering the outside of your eyeballs and inside of your eyelids. It belongs to fluoroquinolones, the antibiotics class. It works and kills the bacteria causing this infection. 

How does it work?

This antibiotic eye drop treats eye infections known as pink eye in people aged 12 months and more. It may be available under many brand names or in several forms. A specific brand name of this drug may not be available in all forms or approved for every condition discussed here. A few forms of this drug may not be used for all conditions mentioned here. 

Your doctor may prescribe Vigamox eye drops for conditions other than anything not listed here. If you did not discuss it with him or you are unsure why he has suggested you take this drug, contact him. You should not quit using it without asking him. 

You should not give this drug to anyone else, even if they have similar symptoms as you do. It may be harmful to individuals to take this drug if their doctor has not recommended it. 

Duration to use it:

Vigamox eye drop is most frequently used continuously for 7 days. Use this drug for the full recommended duration. Your symptoms may be improving before your infection completely clears off. You should not opt for Vigamox use if the liquid changes its colors or has any particles in it.

How many times:

You must instill a drop in your affected eye thrice daily for 7 days. It is for topical ophthalmic use. 

Effectiveness of  Vigamox  eye drops

This drug will work and stop the bacterial growth that causes this infection. It helps to relieve symptoms like pain, itching, soreness, and redness caused because of eye infections. The dosage and duration of this treatment will be prescribed by your doctor depending on your condition. Ensure you complete the entire course of this treatment. It will ensure that the infection is cured completely and stop it from returning. 

How long does it take to work?

Buy Vigamox and it begins to work immediately since you put it right where you have the infection. Your symptoms will improve within some days. A lot of people completely feel better after using Vigamox dosage for 4 days. With every antibiotic, keep on using this drug even if you feel like you are not required to use it anymore. 

Precautions or warnings of this drug

Before you start using a drug, ensure that you inform your doctor of all medical conditions or allergies you are having, any drug you are using, if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, and any other major health facts. Such factors may impact how you take this drug. 

Allergic reactions: 

It may cause a skin rash or some serious allergic reactions. If you see a skin blister, rash itching, or hives, then stop using it and tell your doctor. 

Bacterial resistance: 

Misusing an antibiotic like this drug may cause the growth of resistant bacteria that will not get killed by the antibiotic. If it happens, the antibiotic may not be working for you later. Your symptoms may improve early during the treatment course, but you must use it as told by your doctor. Do not use it or other antibiotics for treating a viral infection. Antibiotics will not kill viruses and using them to treat any viral infection may cause the growth of resistant bacteria. 

Contact lenses: 

Do not wear contact lenses if you have any signs or symptoms of eye infection.

New eye infections: 

Bacterial overgrowth that is unaffected by this drug may take place and cause a new eye infection. If you face symptoms of any new eye infection such as pain, itching, eye redness or discharge inform your doctor.


You should not use this drug if you are pregnant unless the benefits are more than its risks. If you get pregnant while using it, immediately tell your doctor. 


It is not clear if this eye drop passes into breast milk. If you are a nursing mother and you order Vigamox online, do not use it as it may affect your infant. Discuss with your doctor if you use this drug or continue breastfeeding. 


Its effectiveness and safety are not yet established for kids who are aged below 12 years.

Some useful tips

  • Be alert and use it for the suggested time even if you think your condition has improved. If you do not use it then your infection will come back and it will be difficult to treat.
  • Before you put it in your eyes, wash your hands. Do not touch the tip of the dropper with your hands, eyes, or other surfaces. It will aid you in avoiding solution contamination.
  • After you put a drop in your eye, close it press a finger to the inner corner of the eye using your nose, and lightly press for a minute. It will help you to ensure that your eye absorbs the drop. Afterward, wash your hands using water and soap.
  • You should not wear any contact lenses while using this drug. It is best not to wear them while you have an eye infection as it can affect how fast your symptoms improve. Ensure you throw them away before you begin using this drug. This is because most likely they have bacteria on them. Once your infection clears up wear new contacts. 
  • If you use it at the same time as other eye drops, wait for 5 minutes between every drop to give your eyes time to absorb every drug. If you use an eye ointment at the same time as taking this drug, then at first use Vigamox eye drops, maintain a gap of 5 minutes, and then use the eye ointment you are taking.
  • You can store it at room temperature or in your refrigerator.

Frequently asked questions

Is it a sulfa drug?

It is a fluoroquinolone. Vigamox eye drops are not related to sulfa antibiotics. If you have a sulfa allergy, it is possible that your doctor prescribed it as an alternative to sulfa-type antibiotics. 

Does it cause burn?

It is very normal to face eye irritation such as itching or burning immediately after you use a dosage of this drug. It will go away after some time. Let your doctor know if this irritation causes too much discomfort or if it stays for long. 

Does it have steroids?

It does not include any steroids. There are a few eye drops that combine some antibiotics with steroids like Maxitrol and Neo-Polycin HC. Your doctor will determine if you need steroids along with your antibiotic eye drops. 

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