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How Simvastatin 40 mg Unleash Your Health Potential

How Simvastatin 40 mg Unleash Your Health Potential

Simvastatin 40 mg is a commonly prescribed statin medication used to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Simvastatin 40 mg(Simvotin)when taken with a nutritious diet reduces bad fats and cholesterol (for example triglycerides and LDL) and increases good cholesterol which is HDL in your blood. It is part of drugs termed statins which reduces the excess cholesterol produced by the liver. Reducing bad cholesterol & triglycerides and increasing good cholesterol reduces the chances of heart disease and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Also, when this tablet is taken with a balanced diet such as a diet low in fat and cholesterol and adopting a healthy lifestyle helps this medicine to show better results. You can follow a regular exercise regime, lose weight if obese, and quit smoking.


What is Simvastatin 40 mg used for?

 This oral tablet can be used to

  • Reduce LDL which is bad cholesterol & triglycerides in your body.
  • Elevate HDL or good cholesterol in your body.
  • Reduce the chances of heart stroke and slow down the progression of heart disease.


How does it work?

This medicine is also known as statins and they work effectively to lower the production of cholesterol in the body. Also, they the levels of bad cholesterol circulating across the body. Bad cholesterol is linked to a higher risk of the following diseases

  • stroke
  • heart disease
  • heart attack

Statins are used along with lifestyle modifications like changes in diet and regular workouts.


Forgot a dose

 If you forgot to take a dose of this tablet, do not delay and take it asap. In case you have the next dose due as per the dosing schedule, ignore this missed dose and follow the normal schedule. Do not take double doses.

General Instructions for Dosage

  • Taking this dose with/without food is fine. But, take it with food to eliminate or lower nausea.
  • Take Simvastatin 40 mg tablet in the evening hours to get maximum benefits.
  • The peak time when cholesterol product is high in the body is during night time.


Special dosage instructions for individuals with kidney and liver disease


Kidney disease

If you have kidney disease, it can alter your dosage. Individuals with severe kidney disease need a lower dose of this tablet. So, discuss with your health expert while taking treatment with this tablet if you are a kidney patient.

Liver disease

If your liver function is affected, this medicine may stay for longer in your body. It can increase the possible side effects. If an individual has active liver issues, they should avoid using this medicine.


Simvastatin Side effects

Simvastatin 40 mg tablet doesn't lead to drowsiness but can come with other side effects and the common ones are

  • nausea
  • headache
  • constipation
  • stomach pain
  • muscle pain/weakness
  • upper respiratory infections
  • joint pain


Drug interactions

Some medicines/products can interact with this tablet and they include

  • blood thinners like daptomycin, warfarin, etc.

Medicines that can disturb the flushing out of this tablet from the body can change the way how this tablet works and they are

  • antifungals like ketoconazole, macrolide etc
  • Antibiotics like HIV protease inhibitors, erythromycin, etc


Do not eat red yeast rice items while using this tablet as red yeast rice items also comprise of statin known as lovastatin. So, consuming Simvastatin 40 along with red yeast rice items can elevate the risk of serious liver and muscle problems

Warnings for individuals with some health issues

  • Low thyroid function or hypothyroidism, diabetes

Individuals suffering from these two diseases if taking this tablet with other drugs containing statin can lead to rhabdomyolysis. People with diabetes or hypothyroidism increase the risk factors for this problem. Additional risk aspects include

  • You are an older citizen
  • You are a female
  • Living with kidney disease
  • Using drugs that may interact with this tablet.

Inform your health expert if you encounter the following issues

  • fever
  • unexpected muscle tenderness or weakness
  • ongoing muscle pain
  • fever
  • diarrhea
  • dark-colored urine


Things to know before using simvastatin 40 mg


Before you start using this medicine, inform your pharmacist or medical expert if you have a history of kidney disease, liver disease, or if you consume alcohol in excess.

Inform your doctor if you are planning surgery which may include a dental procedure too. If you are using other medicines or products like herbal products, OTC medicines, or prescription drugs, tell your healthcare expert about them.

Do not consume alcoholic beverages in excess. Drinking alcohol daily can increase the risk of liver issues, especially if you take it with this tablet. You can ask for detailed information from your medical expert. Senior citizens are more sensitive to this drug and its side effects mostly muscle problems.

If you are pregnant, using this medicine with the doctor’s advice is helpful as he will prescribe this medicine during pregnancy only if needed. This tablet can harm the fetus. So, discuss with your medical expert the benefits & risks.

There are no records about the safety of this medicine for breastfeeding mothers. So, avoid using this medicine if you are breastfeeding the baby. Consult your medical expert for correct guidance.




For how long do I need to use Simvastatin 40 mg tablet?

You may need to consume this tablet for your entire life or the duration suggested by the medical expert. You can maintain your cholesterol levels until you are using this tablet. If you stop using this tablet before starting with an alternative medicine, your cholesterol levels can elevate again. This tablet has only a couple of side effects and is safe if used as prescribed by a medical expert.


What are the foods that I should avoid while taking this tablet?

This tablet helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. Hence, to get maximum benefits of this tablet, avoid food high in calories like junk food, fried food, etc.

Try to eat foods that are low in fats and cholesterol. Try to exercise daily along with a balanced diet as told by your dietician or physician.


Will take simvastatin 40 mg cause tiredness?

Yes, this tablet can cause tiredness. The reason is that they lower the supply of energy to your muscles in the body. Well, the accurate reason for the same is not known yet.

Normally you feel tired after a strenuous activity. Most heart patients or liver patients face fatigue often. This tablet can cause muscle damage which can increase tiredness further. So, speak to your health expert if you face tiredness while using this tablet.


Is it okay to consume alcohol while taking Simvastatin 40 mg?

No. Consumption of alcohol with this tablet is strictly not advisable. The reason is that you can be at risk of getting liver problems. Also, there is a considerable rise in bad cholesterol levels if you take this tablet with alcohol. It can result in liver damage or make some side effects severe like muscle tenderness, muscle pain, and muscle weakness.

People having liver issues should consult a medical expert before taking this tablet. Also, they should stay away from alcohol while using this tablet to get more benefits from this medicine.


Can I buy this medicine online?

Yes. You can buy this medicine online and the cost of Simvastatin 40 would be cheaper than buying offline.


Is Simvastatin 40 mg tablet safe?

Certainly, this tablet is safe if taken as per the doctor’s advice and instructions. The side effects of this tablet are a few and every individual may not face the side effects.


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