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Know more about Mesalamine (Mesacol): uses: Side Effects

Know more about Mesalamine (Mesacol): uses: Side Effects

Mesacol tablet help you to reduce the inflammation. It falls in the category of anti-inflammatory dr

Many people often deal with inflammatory issues like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Both these diseases cause chronic inflammation in humans. In such cases, doctors recommend anti-inflammatory drugs to the patients. Mesacol drug will help you to reduce inflammation. It falls in the category of anti-inflammatory drugs. It inhibits the growth
of prostaglandins in your body. Mesalazine is the active ingredient present in the drug. This ingredient is the major reason for reducing inflammation. Also, If you're looking to choose the drug for your needs, it's vital to seek expert help. An expert doctor will help you to know the right dosage of the medicine. When you consume the medicine in the right amount, you can get the right results.

Medical Benefits Of Consuming The Mesacol Tablets

Mesacol tablets are quite effective for plenty of inflammatory diseases. Before you consume the pill, it's vital to know about the diseases. The two major diseases that mesacol pill treat are;-
1-Ulcerative colitis
2-Crohn’s disease

Ulcerative colitis: Also known as chronic inflammatory bowel disease. The disease often attacks the large intestine lining, colon. It produces ulcers on the colon lining that cause bleeding and pus discharge. Many other symptoms like pain, swelling, rectal pain, etc. accompany the disease. The active ingredient of the medicine will treat the inflammation in the colon lining. Bleeding and stomach pain are effectively cured by the pill.

Crohn’s disease: The disease often targets the gastrointestinal tract. From mouth to anus, all the parts are affected by the disease. The main attacking area is the small and large intestine. The medicine works by reducing the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. It can effectively curb the intensity of the negative signs. Hence, it helps a person to get rid of the inflammation.

How To Use Mesacol Tablet For Inflammation?

Mesacol pills are easily available in the market. But before you consume it, it's vital to know the direction to use. You can reduce the side effects by consuming the pill in the right way. Here we've curated a list of things you need to follow.

For Tablet Consumption

1-Do not chew or break the mesacol pill while consuming it
2-Drink plenty of water to enhance the pill digestion process
3-Do not consume the pill without a meal as it can cause stomach problem

For Granule Consumption:

1-Take out the granules from the pack
2-Keep them directly on your tongue
3-Use a liquid like juice or water to consume the granule
4-Do not chew the granules as it can cause stomach issues

What Are The Side Effects Of Mesacol Tablet?

Like other medicines, mesacol shows some side effects too. Not all patients get negative effects from the medicine. If you experience any side effects, let your body adjust to them. If the side effects last longer, you can inform your doctor. They will help you to know why your body is getting side effects. Take a look at the common side effects of the tablet!

2-Flatulence (gas)
4-Stomach pain

Things To Consider Before Using Mesacol

Even though the medicine is safe, it can show negative effects. The reason is that it can react with other things you consume. Here is a quick look at the things you need to know before using the pill.

1-Alcohol or other abusive substances: Unknown effect. The effect of alcohol on the drug is unknown. This is why you should avoid the pill with alcohol.
2-Pregnancy or breastfeeding: Mild effects. Mesacol will work negatively in pregnant women. Plus, it can be dangerous for breastfeeding mothers as well. Thus, you need to first contact your doctor about your health condition. He will help you know the risks and benefits of pills on your health.
3-Driving: No effect. The active ingredients of mesacol won't affect your ability to drive. Thus, you can consume the medicine and drive.
4-Kidney disease: Dose adjustment required. If you've a kidney disease, head on to your doctor. He will help you to adjust the dose as per your health condition.
5-Liver disease: Dose adjustment required. Similar to kidney disease, you require dose adjustment in case of liver disease too. A doctor will analyze your health before prescribing the ideal dosage. Diet & Lifestyle Advice

To maximize the benefits of mesacol tablet, follow a few diet changes like;-

1-Intake food with high vitamin C content
2-Do not consume a diet with high fat and dairy products
3-Replace your normal oil with olive oil
4-Make a habit of drinking water and other liquids to keep dehydration at bay

To Sum Up

Mesacol is safe for patients dealing with inflammatory infections. But, you need to keep monitoring your health after the medicine. It will help you know if the dose is right for you. Patients with allergic conditions should contact their doctor first. A few tests and health analysis is crucial before taking the pill.

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