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Can misoprostol 200mg terminate 4 weeks of pregnancy?

Can misoprostol 200mg terminate 4 weeks of pregnancy?

Misoprostol is a medication used to induce abortion & treat stomach ulcers.

Medication abortion or abortion pill is a safe way to terminate an early pregnancy.

Why do people prefer to take the abortion pill?

Which type of abortion you select depends on your situation and personal choice.  If you choose abortion with medication you don’t need to visit the clinic to have a medical procedure. You can just take medication at home or any comfortable place.

Choosing abortion with medication use needs you to learn about it before using it.

Before you start taking Misoprostol 200mg

Using this tablet is effective to terminate a 13-week or less pregnancy. So, if you are 4 weeks pregnant, this tablet is useful to end a pregnancy.
The information provided in this blog is helpful for abortion with medication in pregnancies not more than 13 weeks from 1st day of the menstrual period. So, let us learn about the contradictions of taking abortion pills and if you are not confident about this process, you should consult your healthcare provider.

How to take this medication?

You will see most of the symptoms after taking Misoprostol 200mg. So, select a convenient schedule when you are at home and have no other things to do around.

What are the symptoms of taking this tablet for Abortion?

After taking this tablet you will face bleeding and cramping. Some women throw out blood clots. Well, you cannot find out when the cramping & bleeding will begin. But, you can expect it within twenty-four hours of 1st dose of this tablet, but it can begin many hours later.

You may experience heavier bleeding than your menstrual period or even similar. You may face bleeding ON & OFF for many days after taking this pill. Your pregnancy symptoms and the bleeding should improve slowly after a few weeks.

If you are between the pregnancy phase of 10 to 13 weeks, you will see symptoms of cramping and bleeding and may see removal when it passes.

Normally, the product of removal is merged within blood & clot and may not be noticed, but you should understand that it is normal if you see it. Do not panic, it can be wrapped using sanitary pads or you can flush it in the toilet.

Note that every woman has a different experience with abortion and the symptoms can differ with each woman.

Most women having pregnancy symptoms stop taking them nearly five days after taking Misoprostol 200mg. If you see the pregnancy symptoms decreasing and vanishing after taking this tablet, it is a good indication that your pregnancy is terminated.

Side effects

After taking this tablet, some women face side effects that continue for a few days or hours and they are

  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Hills


This tablet can help in abortion during the early stages of pregnancy. You can use it to end pregnancy up to 13 weeks. This tablet obstructs the female hormone - progesterone, required to continue the pregnancy. Use it as suggested by your medical expert.

Treats bleeding caused after delivery

This tablet helps manage increased bleeding that occurs after a woman gives birth to a child. It helps avoid extreme blood loss that can drop blood pressure or result in shock or death if not managed in time. It enables proper contraction of your uterus and hence avoids hemorrhage and possible complications.


To prevent infection or hemorrhaging, try to take the following precaution until your bleeding reduces

  • Do not insert objects in the vagina which includes menstrual cups or tampons.
  • Do not involve in strenuous physical activities like pushing, pulling, carrying heavy objects or exercising, walking for a longer period than normal, or climbing too many stairs.
  • Do not engage in sex after using this tablet until the heavier bleeding stops.

When should you seek medical help after taking Misoprostol 200mg?

Some warning signs should not be overlooked and you should seek medical help. If you see the symptoms listed below, you should get medical help to avoid complications.

  • If you have to use 2 or more pads within one hour or less and it continues for 2 back-to-back hours or more.
  • You witness a fever of 100.4 degrees F that doesn’t reduce after using Ibuprofen. Check the fever using a thermometer.
  • If the pain doesn’t reduce after taking Ibuprofen.
  • The smell or color of the blood is different from normal periods or smells bad.
  • If you see itchiness, redness, or swelling on the face, neck, and hands it means there is an allergic reaction to the drugs. If you notice breathing problems, it means the allergic reaction is severe and you need emergency medical help.

Vital information

Misoprostol 200mg works even more than 12 weeks of pregnancy. Well, 4% to 8% of females with pregnancies in 2nd trimester(after 12 weeks of pregnancy) who want to terminate their pregnancies using this tablet will witness severe bleeding. That is why you should take this tablet in the waiting room of a clinic or private space nearby a hospital. It becomes easy to rush to a nearby hospital if needed.

You will see similar symptoms as that of a miscarriage. If you require emergency medical care in a clinic, you should tell the doctors that you faced a miscarriage, or else women are punished for getting an abortion. The treatment and symptoms are similar.

Until 12 weeks of pregnancy, a female should place Misoprostol 200mg tablet under the tongue. Avoid swallowing it. After 3 hours, you should place another set of pills under your tongue (follow the dosage as stated in the leaflet). Again after three hours, place another set of these pills under your tongue.

This tablet ends pregnancy when used in combination with another medication - mifepristone. It can also help prevent heavy bleeding post-delivery.

Pregnancy termination

  • Do not take 63 days post 1st day of the last menstrual period.
  • Take it 36 to 48 hours post-use of mifepristone.
  • Rest for a minimum of three hours after taking this tablet.
  • If you tend to vomit within half an hour of taking the medicine, speak to your medical expert immediately as you may need another tablet.
  • Follow the prescription given by your medical expert.
  • You may face vaginal bleeding for nearly 12 days after using this tablet. Tell your medical expert if heavy bleeding occurs or if you witness abdominal pain.
  • Be careful while driving or engaging in tasks that need alertness as this tablet can cause sleepiness and dizziness.
  • This tablet will not harm fertility. Make sure you use effective contraception to prevent pregnancy.

What to expect after using Misoprostol 200mg tablet?

You may witness stomach pain, nausea, and abdominal cramping immediately after using this tablet. You may also face vaginal bleeding for four hours after taking this tablet.

The doctor may ask you to hospitalize for a minimum of hours after taking this tablet. After taking Mifepristone for 14 days, your medical expert may suggest some blood tests or conduct ultrasonography to ensure that the pregnancy is ended.

Can this tablet affect my fertility in the future?

No. This tablet will not harm your fertility. You can get pregnant in the future without any problems.

Do not ignore the side effects of this tablet and speak to your healthcare expert if you experience severe symptoms after using this tablet.

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