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Can I consume two Fildena 100 tablets to get better results?

Can I consume two Fildena 100 tablets to get better results?

ED is a medical condition due to which men cannot produce or hold a penile erection.

To treat ED, some medicines are. Along with sexual arousal, they help fill the blood in the penis. These medicines relax the muscles in blood vessels. They increase blood flow to the penile organ. It then leads to a penile erection. But they will not produce a penile erection without the help of sexual arousal. One such effective ED medicine is Fildena 100mg.

About Erectile Dysfunction

ED is when a man cannot achieve a firm penile erection or loses his erection before or during sex. Losing a penile erection can take place sometimes. It should not be a huge cause for concern if it happens once in a while. Yet if it begins to occur many times a week and over a time of four or more weeks, it may indicate a serious problem like ED.

ED does not affect only older men. Young men can suffer from it. It is more common than some men may realize. It is estimated that it affects almost 30 million men in the US. This can develop as a result of many different factors.

They can be psychological and physical contributing to ED symptoms of a person. Discuss with your doctor to understand what is causing it and you can start an effective plan of treatment. For a lot of men, making changes to their everyday routine can assist in lowering symptoms of ED. it could include modification of diet or ED medicines.

Available ED pills

There is no shortage of medicines that claim to boost levels of testosterone and sexual stimulation. If you have been experiencing recent performance issues with your bed partner, you may even consider a few of these alternatives. Yet there is much more to sexual health than only performance or stamina. If a man experiences the challenge to have a penile erection many medicines are hardly effective. 

Sometimes a very direct and well-researched treatment is required for treating issues such as erectile dysfunction. Many ED medicines are available these days. They improve the supply of blood to the male organ. Along with sexual arousal, these medicines can cause a penile erection sufficient to start and complete sex. One such ED medicine is Fildena 100 which is FDA-approved for daily use. It helps to produce penile erections on demand.

How well do Fildena 100 tablets work?

ED occurs when the flow of blood to the penis gets inhibited or restricted. When sexually aroused, if blood is not able to flow effectively to and from the penis, it may stiffen into a penile erection or be kept for the entire sexual encounter’s length.

ED medicines such as Fildena work and reverse or limit the impact of whatever is inhibiting the flow of blood. It is a PDE5 inhibitor. It is an enzyme that builds up and prevents the regular flow of blood to and from the penis. Taking it temporarily will limit the effect of PDE5 and let a man more easily have a penile erection. It may focus on reducing symptoms of ED.

Your doctor may wish to explore other options for treatment if it does not work for you. This is because ED can be an early sign of more severe health issues such as heart disease or diabetes.

This medicine produces a penile erection sufficient for sexual intercourse in almost 65-70 % of men. Yet the results vary a little from one man to another. A man with arteries or nerves damaged by prostate surgery, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes will not strongly respond to this medicine. There are some men for whom it does not work.

How fast do Fildena 100 tablets work?

How soon it begins working ranges from 15-60 minutes. It will not work if you take it after your meal. This is because it blocks the absorption of this medicine. The time of onset determines how soon you can get engaged in sexual intercourse. Daily use of this medicine should be under a doctor’s recommendation with other planning.

How to use Fildena 100 tablets properly?

Sometimes it does not work because men do not use it accurately. There is a misconception that ED medicines are an on-and-off switch for penile erections. But Fildena 100 does not work well without sexual arousal. Use it when you are sexually stimulated 30 minutes before having sex. Thus it will aid in getting an erection and holding it.

Double dosages of Fildena 100 will double the risk

Considering how this medicine works, it may sound like using a double dosage may provide a double benefit. But that is one of many harmful things to do when it comes to ED medicines. Taking two Fildena 100 tablets is not going to make your penile erection twice as hard or large. It will double the high risk of any adverse effect.

Your doctor will prescribe Fildena in certain dosages based on your health and other conditions. There are mainly the lowest and the highest dosages of this medicine. When you start to take a double dosage, you increase the risk of taking too much of it and thus experience adverse effects and all potential severity. It happens more if you are trying to make two 100 mg dosages of Fildena into one 200mg dosage.

Headaches, rashes, dizziness, and sudden blood pressure drop may occur as side effects. It may sound like a benefit if you are having high blood pressure but it is not. Such drops can cause death when this medicine is mixed with other medicines for blood pressure. Another serious side effect that occurs is prolonged penile erections. They last for long hours. It is called priapism. This is a medical condition that permanently damages your penis.

It is not the type of change you want Fildena to bring to your sex life. If you face a painful penile erection lasting more than a few hours, you must immediately visit a doctor.

Some men may wrongly believe that using a double dosage of Fildena may override arousal issues. It is not true. PDE-5 inhibitors hardly create the proper conditions for a penile erection. Yet arousal still must happen for you to get hard. It means if you suffer from depression or another psychological issue preventing sexual arousal this tablet will not fix it, even if you use two tablets.

How long does Fildena 100 last?

This ED medicine will break down at a rate in your body. The duration of action ranges from 4 hours to more than one day. Each dosage will be sufficient for providing a complete intercourse cycle from penile erection to climax. It is not assured if it will last through another cycle. To have sex more than once a time in a day, Fildena 100 is the best bet.

ED is a common condition affecting a man’s self-esteem and relationships. It can be due to underlying health issues or occur because of aging. But there are many medicines to treat it. So choose one according to the ease of use and start the treatment. If you have any health conditions or you are on other medicines, talk with your doctor. Medicines such as Fildena 100 can have rare but serious side effects. So start taking it under a doctor’s recommendation.


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