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11 Best Ways to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

11 Best Ways to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

What is crystal clear from the global pandemic outbreak is that we are in the game of survival

11 Best Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

What is crystal clear from the global pandemic outbreak is that we are in the game of survival of the fittest. The survival of a fit body depends upon a relaxed and happy. To maintain a healthy and happy body, we need to adopt healthy lifestyle patterns. It might look like a parade to follow something. But in reality, it just takes 21 days to inculcate a habit. Later these good habits become part of your daily routine. However, maintaining a good lifestyle pattern is not an easy task. It involves complex choices that you won't be doing with all your heart but is better for your mind and body. 

Many people don't find enjoyment in exercising seems like a burden to them. Although, now all age groups should practice yoga or exercise to keep themselves fit. Now diseases like heartache, high blood pressure, and severe ache in the back and body are not categorized as age-related. The young generation with energetic bodies also faces these problems. These conditions require extra efforts to maintain your body. To run longer in e race of life, one must give little effort daily to ensure a better life for tomorrow.

Everyone says eating healthy, maintaining a diet, and exercising can give you a good lifestyle. Yes, it is true these three factors are the contributors to a healthy lifestyle. However, it is a myth that only three factors provide lifestyle goals. If you wish to build a healthy lifestyle, you must bring the following changes to your routine. 

Drink 2-3.5 liters of water daily

It is advisable to consume at least 7-8 glasses of water (91 ounces) daily. Even if you are not thirsty, drink water since it develops our body's equilibrium. It might come as a shock to you but drinking enough water always requires effort. It is not easy to drink 7-8 glasses a day without habit. Most of us don't even drink five glasses of water. It is crucial to drink an ample amount of water for carrying out basic bodily functions and removing waste. There are many ways in which our body releases water. Therefore in turn it requires more water to maintain the balance. Make a routine of drinking water after every 2 hours and avoid drinking just after having a meal

Get enough sleep

Sleep is the most vital factor in having a balanced lifestyle. To stay healthy, you must take 7 hours of good sleep. On a busy schedule day, you can face major cognitive breakdown or burnout due to lack of sleep. Also, if you don't sleep well or on time, it increases your junk food intake. A healthy diet decreases the number of meals per day. Once you start taking enough sleep and at the right time, you will feel fresh the next morning. It refreshes your mood and reduces the risk for diseases. Sleeping for 7-8 hours daily improves memory. However, oversleeping is not a part of a healthy lifestyle and caters to more diseases. 

Give up unhelpful practices

Three unhelpful practices call for stress and hinder your path to a healthy body and mind. Avoidance, procrastination, and perfectionism are the three unhelpful habits that lead to disturbing lifestyles. Avoidance is like putting the current issue under the carpet rather than confronting the problem. It causes more stress and makes an individual vulnerable to flighting in almost all situations. Procrastination is deliberately pushing the task and work to the next day. It piles up the burden. Once you make procrastination your permanent approach, then you are officially trapped in the vicious circle. The third unhelpful habit is perfectionism. Many people have the urge to be perfect. They have an incessant need to work perfectly and prefer to work in solitude. You have to let go of these unhelpful habits to get on track with a healthy lifestyle.

Choose healthy snacks

No dietician ever says to starve to be fit. There is no perfect shape or size. You should always try to keep up with five meals a day. The meal count shouldn't decrease. Fasting shouldn't be promoted. Our body needs all the vitamins and minerals to stay fit. There are healthy snacks such as sweet potatoes, nuts, salad, fruits, and dry fruits. Eating these snacks increases your metabolism and doesn't increase the sugar crash in your body. 

Stop smoking

Intoxication of any kind is harmful and even small amounts can hamper health. Smoking is bad and that is the end of the story. You can never have a balanced lifestyle if you intoxicate yourself with smoking and alcohol consumption. It is really good if you don't smoke and keep it that way. 

Make a shift to low calorie and low-fat food alternatives

You can choose the low-calorie and low-fat food options to build immunity and a healthy body. Avoid eating trigger food with high calorie and sugar intake. Chips, chocolates, cookies, and drinks have an immense amount of fat and calories. When consumed in large amounts will make you sick in the longer run. There are other alternatives available in the grocery stores and supermart for choosing. Low calorie is one option for a particular body type. However, some people might need high-calorie and fatty food options. To conclude, maintain balance in whatever you are eating.

Have a positive approach

Avoid the negativity and negative people in your life. Sometimes the negativity comes from within and you ain't able to stop it. It makes a person sick and mentally depressed. If you follow everything to maintain a healthy lifestyle but with a poor approach. It ain't leading you anywhere. A positive approach brings positive vibes and paves the right path to give a new perspective to you. If you keep a positive perspective many new opportunities and options come wide open for you.

Practice exercise and spirituality

Well, here is no blog for lifestyles without mentioning working out or exercising options. exercise is mandatory and most of us won't like to do exercise of our own will. You have to practice and then make it your habit. exercising, working out, meditation, and yoga purify the mind and brings peace. If your start your day by exercising, you will notice significant changes in your lifestyle within weeks. You will have a positive outlook on life by giving you more energy. Try out exercising now rather than later when imposed upon you. 

Consume Rainbow

It is a cool technique to opt for food items that are bright in colors with rich minerals and vitamins. These bright-colored foods are high in antioxidants. There are some examples that you can look for:

  1. White- (Bananas. Mushrooms)
  2. Yellow-(Mangoes, 
  3. Orange-(Oranges, Papayas, 
  4. Red-(Pomegranate, Apples, Cherries, Tomatoes)
  5. Green-(Avacodes, grapes, beans, cucumber, spinach)
  6. Purple/Blue-(eggplant, berries)

Follow your dreams/passion

Dreams, following a passion, continuing hobbies, and doing whatever brings you joy take you one step closer to peace. If you enjoy what you are doing, you will feel happy about it. It could increase the count of Oxytocin known as the happy hormone in your body. Follow the rules of your heart and see where it leads you. Don't pressurize yourself with the burden of a career. Follow your passion that would eventually fulfill your dreams. This factor might seem uncanny, but following a passion can bring change to your lifestyle.  


Being in the company of your loved ones helps you feel better and improves your health. It is a mixture of positivity, and happiness and brings confidence in oneself. You will feel confident with having an assertive lifestyle. New opportunities open up for the people who build a social network. You will have the chance to learn new things.

There are no strict rules or ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It solely depends on the individual how they want to earn a healthy and fit life. This calls for little effort starting from today. Follow and even add some ways to the above list and see the changes. 

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