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10 Common Symptoms of Stomach Ulcers in Men You Shouldn't Ignore 

10 Common Symptoms of Stomach Ulcers in Men You Shouldn't Ignore 

Omez 20 mg capsules is very much effective to treat stomach ulcers

Painful sores lining the stomach are known as peptic ulcers. Normally a protective layer is present in the stomach that keeps all acidic stomach juices from getting to your sensitive tissue and thus causing a stomach ulcer. Yet a few people are at high risk for developing them. Most frequently it is due to NSAIDs’ long-term use. It is a group of pain relievers including aspirin or ibuprofen. Stomach ulcers may also occur because of an infection with H.pylori, a type of bacteria. But treatment with drugs such as Omez (Omeprazole)20 mg capsule can help a lot of stomach ulcers to completely heal. There are some signs of stomach ulcers in men that you should not ignore. 


  • You are suffering from pain mainly in the upper abdomen 

 Severe upper abdominal pain is one of the most common symptoms of stomach ulcer. It can develop anywhere in your upper digestive tract. This pain takes place if you are having an empty stomach. It may start and go on for many months. 


  • Feeling nauseous

 If you feel nauseous, be alert. It is one of the most common stomach ulcer symptoms. This ulcer symptom can subside if your stomach has little food. 


  • Suffering from unexplained vomiting

 Nausea that occurs as a result of stomach ulcers may slowly become so intense that it may cause vomiting. If it happens, do not use drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen. According to doctors, such OTC pain drugs mainly put you at a higher risk of getting ulcers or worsening ulcers you are already having.


  • Bleeding when you use the washroom

 If blood comes from your gastrointestinal tract, it can signal many underlying health problems. Still, doctors say when such bleeding happens along with upper abdominal pain, it can be one of the signs of a stomach ulcer. Many men see this blood either while vomiting or when using the washroom because their stools may look black. If you see this blood, feel nauseous, and suffer from stomach pain or pain in your chest, perform a blood test. Do an upper endoscopy to check if you are suffering from an ulcer. Remember that it is a great idea to get yourself examined by your doctor to prevent any serious issues.


  • Having heartburn at most of your meals

A few men with ulcers mostly describe pain in the chest as non-cardiac pain in the chest. It refers to the pain in an area that is not caused by heart disease or attack. GI problems commonly cause this discomfort. But it can also start from anxiety or stress. 


  • Feeling more bloated than normal

If you see that your stomach feels more bloated it may be more serious than a little gas. It may be one of the signs of having a stomach ulcer. Bloating can occur simply because of eating something your body is not agreeing with. But when combined with other symptoms it is important to check out. 


  • Loss of weight

 Weight loss is a less common symptom but a possible one. You may be noticing a loss of appetite. You will find it difficult to eat due to stomach discomfort. Such a drop in intake of food along with vomiting can cause an unexpected loss of weight.


  • Feeling very hungry

 You may think that having a stomach ulcer will be killing your appetite. But a few men have a burning sensation in their stomachs and they feel very hungry. This pain may stop briefly after you eat something. 


  • Continuous burping

 Another very common symptom of stomach ulcer is indigestion. It may take a belching form. Tell your doctor if you have to keep on burping more than normal and experience any of the other symptoms mentioned here. 


  • Had pain in the back

 You may relate ulcer with only stomach pain but a few men report that the pain moves into their upper back or even mid-back. If it happens, it may make your symptoms very confusing.


  • Treatment of stomach ulcer

 Omez (Omeprazole) tablets prevent stomach ulcers that may affect you because of the prolonged use of painkillers. You must use this drug an hour before having your meal. Take it in the morning. The dosage will be based on the underlying condition and how you react to this drug. You must keep on using Omez as told by your doctor even if all symptoms disappear fast. You may increase the treatment’s efficiency by having smaller meals more frequently and avoiding tea or coffee and fatty or spicy foods. 


How effective iareOmez tablets ((Omeprazole) in treating stomach ulcers?

It is part of proton pump inhibitors, a group of drugs. This drug reduces the acid made by your stomach. It prevents more damage to the ulcer because it naturally heals. Your doctor may give you other drugs along with Omez based on what caused the stomach ulcer. You must keep using it as mentioned by your doctor for this drug to be effective, even if your symptoms look like disappearing. 


How does it treat stomach ulcers?

A group of drugs is a class of medications working in the same way. Often they are used for treating similar conditions. Omez works and decreases the acid amount produced by your stomach. It does so by blocking the cells system of the stomach known as the proton pump. This works in the last step of the production of acid. When it gets blocked, the stomach produces less acid. It can help reduce all symptoms.


Quick tips before using Omez

  • This drug is well-tolerated. 
  • Omez offers relief for a long period.
  • A few healthy tips for preventing acidity from occurring:
  • Do not drink too much soft drinks or carbonated beverages, citrus juices, tea or coffee, and fried food.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Do not eat before bedtime or late at night.
  • Tell your doctor if you have a fever, stomach pain, or watery diarrhea that stays for a long time.
  • If you do not feel better after using it for 2 weeks let your doctor know. This is because you may be suffering from any other issues that require attention.
  • Using Omez(Omeprazole) in long term can make your bones weak and mineral deficiency like magnesium.
  • If your doctor mentions using enough dietary calcium or magnesium intake or supplements.
  • You should not stop using Omez without asking your doctor.
  • Get in touch with your doctor immediately if you suffer from any reduced urination, lower pain in the back, nausea, rash, fever, or fatigue. These can be kidney issues signs. 


Frequently asked questions


Q-How to take it?    

Your dose, form of drug, and how frequently you use Omez will depend on your age, the condition you are treating and its severity, how your body reacts to the initial dosage, and your other medical conditions. 


Q-For how long can you take this drug?

Take Omez for as long as mentioned by your doctor. Its duration may vary based on your condition. You should not stop using it without asking your doctor. 


Q-Can it cause diarrhea?

Yes. As a side effect, Omez may cause diarrhea in a few people. It is not bothersome. But if you face persistent watery tools that stay for long, fever, and stomach cramps get immediate medical help. 



Use Omez daily to get the most benefit from it and treat stomach ulcers effectively. Use it at the same time daily. Keep on using it for the recommended length of your treatment even if you feel better. If you self-treat yourself with the OTC product, you should not use it for over 2 weeks unless your doctor recommended it. 





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