Why to worry about Personal life

In today's generation when people are fretting over their careers, how important exactly is your personal life? We've always been in a battle on how to keep our personal lives away from the work-life. With the pandemic situation all over the world, it has become even more challenging. As we brought our offices into our homes, the clear boundary between our professional life and personal life has been blurred. Let us understand why it is important to worry about our personal life.


Understanding our Relationships

We all know that personal relationships often take a toll on our lives. While it is not possible to keep our personal lives away from professionals, there is a way for both of them to coexist in a rather pleasant way. We might consider our relationships as the roots of the trees where leaves reflect our career prospects. It is not entirely possible to forget and shut out our lives when we enter the office every day. Whether it is the feeling of annoyance after fighting with your loved one or the excitement to leave the office early to attend your loved one's birthday, our emotions often travel into our work life. Hence the only way to have a productive work life is by maintaining a healthy personal life as well. The balance is not always maintainable but we tend to create an environment that can prosper fulfillment.

Sometimes due to an important task at hand in the office, we tend to ignore our families for days, and there the balance is disturbed. Our families and loved ones are people who understand our challenges and would always be on our sides no matter what. But it is ignorant to take these people for granted. It is crucial to remember that however invested we are at work, it is not our whole life. It is our bonds, and relationships that make life prosperous.


Our careers and our lives

People who are heavily invested in their careers, like entrepreneurs or professions that require high vigilance, struggle to find time for loved ones. We must recognize the importance of having a balanced personal life for optimal growth. No one can do without the other. Work is not our entire life. It takes a healthy diet, good sleep, strong relationships, quality friends, and hobbies that you enjoy, to thrive in life. It is the only way in which we can get fulfillment both professionally and personally.

If your personal life is sorted then naturally people will find more focus on work and excel. However, a disturbed family life threatens to disrupt your career as well and vice versa. Good health and happy personal life are the perfect recipes to increase your productivity manifold at work. Hence, striving for balance can only assure prosperity in your career and life. Disturbed minds often find it difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand. The quality of your work may suffer and so will the results.


Stress at Workplace

Life is not a linear path. Like it is said "life is not a bed of roses", there are thorns too. Sometimes events like illness in the family, an injury, sudden death, etc can disrupt our mental health. However, these things are inevitable. Stress creeps in and takes a toll on both our work and personal life. The balance is disturbed and we feel hopeless. Frustration, depression and stress lead to poor mental health. At those time, it becomes difficult to concentrate solely on our careers. But, it is at these times that we have to show courage and face the challenges thrown at us by life.

Tips to Maintain the balance between personal and work-life

  1. Meditation and Mindfulness: While we cannot control the external factors, we have power over our bodies through our minds. Feeling dejected and frustrated is normal but that cannot stop our work. Businesses don't depend on how you feel. It is our job to bring our minds in alignment with our goals. The only way to achieve this balance is by practicing meditation. Our mind, body, and soul are connected only through breathing. The moment our breath stops, our body is nothing but a lifeless object. Hence, controlling breathing teaches us to maintain our calm in difficult situations in life. When at work we must practice mindfulness before starting the day. It helps us to wipe off the negativity from the external factors. Taking a few moments to practice breathing exercises to refocus our minds can improve our effectiveness.
  2. Shifting the Narrative: Sometimes the world seems to be crumbling down for us. But analyzing the situation can help to see reality more clearly. Maybe things are not as bad as they seem, it depends on our perspective. So try to attempt to change the narrative in your mind. If circumstances don't change, we have to shift our narrative and put our face towards the sun. After all, there is light at the end of every tunnel.
  3. Exercise your control: Some circumstances might be out of your control but your health is not one among them. Inculcating yoga, exercises, a healthy diet, and good sleep can transform your life more than you can imagine. We must take small steps in the right direction every single day to improve our life. Doing things that make you happy like singing or dancing or whatever you enjoy is essential. It creates more happy signals in your brain and slowly things do get better.
  4. Seek help: There is no shame in asking for help when you are doomed. Whether it is a close confidant or your loved one or a mental health professional, you have to reach out to seek help. When life gets out of control and your mind is disturbed, you are not able to make choices between right and wrong. It is at these times that we tend to make huge mistakes and harm ourselves. This is detrimental to your growth. Hence, seek help from mental health experts as they know how to divert your mind.