Preparing for Cold & Flu Season during COVID 19

preparing for cold & flu season during covid 19

Preparing For Cold & Flu Season During COVID-19

  As the COVID 19 pandemic sweeps through the whole world, people are trying to find out effective ways in which they can deal with the symptoms of cold and flu. This has become even more important as the cold season is now at our doorstep. The growing concern over the symptoms of cold and flu has led many people to consult with their doctors as they try to prepare for the change in weather and the health issues that they may bring. Most doctors believe that in the winter season, there is a high propensity for COVID 19 cases to increase along with a greater propensity for people to be affected by influenza and other viral conditions.    
            This has led the doctors to come up with some possible medications with which they can treat the patients and help them to recover quickly from their symptoms of cold and flu. One of them is Entecavir as it is a powerful antidote against the possibility of chronic hepatitis B. When patients with chronic hepatitis B are administered Entecavir, it helps to control the symptoms of hepatitis B. This can be further combined with a flu shot to control the possible signs and symptoms of cold and flu.
            Another type of drug that can be used for the control of cold and flu symptoms is Amantrel 100mg. It is a medication that is known to deliver good results in controlling Parkinson's disease. It can also be administered for treating some forms of flu. Studies have revealed that Amantrel 100mg can be used for preventing and curing some types of respiratory infections that are caused by the influenza A virus. Famvir 500mg is yet another medication that can be used for controlling the severity of viral infections. While Famvir 500mg cannot be used for actually curing the symptoms of cold and flu, it can surely be used for managing the symptoms of cold and flu so that the patient may have some relief from the discomfort.           
            The winter season can bring a greater propensity for people to suffer from cold and flu and other related conditions. People should follow all the precautions associated with the COVID 19 infection. They should wear masks and use sanitizers when they are outside and should consult a medical professional if they find themselves suffering from fever, cough, flu, and sneezing at the earliest possible instance.