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Brand NameJanumet
Generic NameSitagliptin + Metformin Hcl.
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  • JANUMET 50+1000MG :The Janumet 50+1000MG tablets are used in order to bring type II diabetes to control in an effective way.The medication is highly effective and suggested to take only for people in an adult category.It is highly recommended for people to contact a doctor in order to evaluate the dose and additional diet planning in an easy way.

    Composition : The tablets are a combination of two important components to treat diabetes in an effective way.The Sitagliptin(50mg) and Metformin(1000mg) are the primary components, which has been used to bring blood sugar levels to the recommended level to lead a healthy life.

    How does it work:The components add high-level insulin to the body, which brings blood and sugar levels to the normal in a quick span of time.It is highly recommended for people to engage in regular physical exercises in order to take the maximum amount of performance from time to time.

    Side effects :Rapid heartbeat and stomach ache are the common side effects, which can be seen with people in the initial stage of medication.It is widely recommended for people to consult the doctor in order to take relevant treatments to enjoy the efficiency from time to time.

    Precautions and Warning :Consuming alcohol during the course of the medication is completely restricted because alcohol adds a lot of sugar to the system in a quick span of time.It is not recommended for people to consume the tablet during pregnancy period because it could cause adverse effects to the mother and baby.